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Limbic Reflexology Online

Limbic Reflexology Online is the foundation module of the AOR Approved CPD Course, Limbic Reflexology Training

For more details about Limbic Reflexology Training visit the Limbic Reflexology Course page

Limbic Reflexology is primarily designed as a CPD course for qualified reflexologists and as such
can be integrated into existing practice

Skilled practitioners of other modalities could also incorporate Limbic Reflexology into their current practice.

What you’ll learn

Learn the location of the limbic reflex areas and some of the processes in which they are involved.

Learn effective techniques for working the limbic reflex areas with detailed video tutorials

Learn a basic limbic routine to incorporate into your current practice.

Learn how to research a condition or problem and formulate an informed treatment plan using credible resources.

Measure treatment efficacy using appropriate widely recognised outcome measures.

Test your new knowledge with a quiz and mini-assignments.

Demonstrate your new knowledge and skills with two submitted case studies for assessment

New knowledge, New skills – Real outcomes, Real change

Structure of the Limbic Reflexology Training

Limbic Reflexology training consists of three modules which should be completed in sequence.

Limbic Reflexology Online

Submission of two case studies.

Practical workshop

The course is complemented by the Limbic Reflexology Student Textbook which includes the basic brain anatomy that underpins Limbic Reflexology. The Student Textbook is available for purchase at Amazon (see links below).

Limbic reflexology Online Course

Limbic Reflexology adds over 30 new reflex areas with which you will be unfamiliar. This is a lot of new material to take in. The Online Course allows you to digest this at your own pace, and at a time and place that suits your personal circumstances.

The brain and the brain processes will be unfamiliar to most students. There is a lot of new learning, and the online materials and the Student Textbook allow students to familiarise themselves with the names and processes involved.

The online course has 8 Modules. In each module there are topics which explore the module subject.

For instance, the module titled ‘Limbic Reflex Areas’ has within it 22 topics, with each topic focussing on a limbic reflex area with a video tutorial on working that reflex area and a discussion about the relevance of the reflex area. Following each video tutorial, there are short ‘check your understanding’ questions.

The online material also includes modules on researching conditions which will help you to arrive at an informed treatment plan for your case studies, and also looks at a range of outcome measures which you will use to measure the efficacy of your treatments.

The assessment module in the online course includes a graded quiz. The Online Course Certificate is awarded on successful completion of this quiz which students should complete before the Practical Workshop.

There is detailed guidance on completing and submitting case studies.

There is ongoing access to the Online Course materials and this has proved invaluable to students as a reference and revision tool. You will also have access to any future updates and additions to Limbic Reflexology via the Online Course.

Enrolling in the course

You can enrol in Limbic Reflexology Online at any time using the link below.

Once enrolled in limbic Online, you can access any available venue workshop,

Limbic reflexology Workshops

Before attending the practical workshop, you first need to be enrolled in the online course and be familiar with the Limbic reflex areas.

On the workshops you will fine tune skills and be assessed in your application of the techniques.

Details can be found on the Workshop Page

If you have completed one of the previous Limbic Reflexology Courses, you may book a workshop as an update/refresher

Case Studies

Completing the case studies demonstrate the transformation of knowing to doing.

Detailed guidance on writing and submitting case studies is included in the online material. This includes the format and the type and level of detail expected. On the Workshops, there is also an opportunity to discuss completing case studies.

Two successfully submitted case studies are required to gain the AOR Approved CPD Certificate.

Online Course Content

Sample Topic

To get a feel for the content, have a look at this sample topic discussing the Subgenual Anterior Cingulate Reflex Area.

Limbic Reflexology Student Textbook

The Student Textbook complements the training and is available from Amazon in English and Dutch

Additional Resources

Once you are enrolled in Limbic Reflexology Online, you will have access to other pages on the website. Here you will find all the documentation for your practice, and links to relevant articles for your research in your case studies.

The physiology of the nervous system and the limbic brain will be new for most of the participants but I will cover only what needs to be covered at a level that is accessible. This is reflexology training, not neuroscience training.

All the theoretical knowledge you need will be in the online materials and the Student Textbook. However to help you become more familiar with the brain I recommend you download 3D Brain, by Cold Spring Harbor, a free App from Apple AppStore. This can also be viewed on a PC at ‘Genes to Cognition’ website.

An excellent book is ‘The Brain Book’ by Rita Carter. You can get it here from Amazon HERE

If colouring in is your way of learning, this book may be your answer.

Support & Networking

Support is via email or via the contact page. Expect a response within 24 hours. Zoom support can be arranged.

Once enrolled, you will also be invited to join a closed Facebook Group where we can share experiences and articles of interest.


The Online Certificate is awarded on successful completion of the online course quiz.

The AOR Approved CPD Certificate is awarded on successful submission of two case studies.

Attendance Certificates are issued for the Practical Workshop.

Ready to begin Limbic Online?

” I haven’t finished the course yet, but I’m having great results using the routine on clients – clients with anxiety (lots of those at the moment!) are really benefitting from it and I have one client with M.E. who gets great results from Limbic Reflexology. Loving the course and learning so much in depth detail about the brain itself! Very impressed “

Karen, Bristol

Further Information or Queries

If you need more information about Limbic Reflexology, please feel free to email me through the CONTACT PAGE.