Limbic Reflexology Training

AOR Approved CPD

The Course is suitable for qualified reflexologists and provides insights into the complex
processes of the brain and offers a range of precision Limbic brain reflex areas and the techniques for working those areas.

Get familiar with limbic brain reflex areas

Approach complex problems with confidence

Demonstrate efficacy using outcome measures

Attract regular clients

The restoration of homeostatic norms is the goal of any Reflexology approach and the limbic brain networks are at the centre of these homeostatic processes. Now we can connect with those altered brain networks that underpin many of those complex disabling conditions that our clients present, including emotional disturbance, traumatic memory, pain, and chronic pain.

Limbic Reflexology is based on sound medical science, and finds its rationale, and is informed by, up-to-date research in neuroscience with the efficacy of our treatments being evidenced by the use of widely accepted outcome measures. Both the neuroscience research and the outcome measures form an important part of the training.

Structure of the Training

The Limbic Reflexology Student Textbook gives a good introduction to the limbic brain and the reflex areas in Limbic Reflexology.
The Textbook is available on Amazon (links below)

Limbic Reflexology Online covers all of the Limbic reflex areas and the appropriate working techniques, and includes twenty two detailed video tutorials.

Two submitted case studies demonstrates the transformation from knowing to doing

Certification is on completion of the Online module and successful submission of two case studies.

Once enrolled in Limbic Online, you can access a follow up Practical Workshop, this gives you the opportunity to fine tune techniques and be to be assessed in your practice. Available Workshops are listed below.

Limbic Online

Limbic Online

Online foundation module

Case studies

Case Studies

Transformation – knowing to doing



Finetuning techniques

How to enrol

You can enrol in the Limbic Reflexology Online at anytime. It is self paced study with no time limits for completion.
The online module covers all of the Limbic reflex areas and the appropriate working techniques in twenty two detailed video tutorials

Limbic Online

Limbic Online

Enrol anytime.

Once enrolled in Limbic Reflexology Online, you can book a place on any available follow up practical workshops.

Available Workshops

You must first be enrolled in Limbic Reflexology Online before booking a place on a Workshop


Early Bird Deadline 22nd June 2024
Registration Deadline 3rd August 2024

Wirral, UK

7 September 2024
Thornton Hough

Milton Keynes

Early Bird Deadline 20th July 2024
Registration Deadline 31st August 2024

Milton Keynes, UK

28 September 2024
Newport Pagnell

Get involved in Reflexology Research

Students and graduates of Limbic Reflexology are invited to submit their case study outcome measure data to a two year quantitative research programme into the effects of limbic Reflexology for those living with fibromyalgia.

Limbic Reflexology Student Textbook

The Student Textbook complements the training and is available for purchase from Amazon in English and in Dutch.
The Textbook gives a good introduction to the limbic brain and the reflex areas in Limbic Reflexology.