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Limbic Reflexology Training

AOR Approved CPD

AOR Approved CPD Course

Limbic Reflexology Training is an AOR approved CPD course for Reflexologists. The Course provides insights into the complex
processes of the brain and offers a range of precision Limbic brain reflex areas and the techniques for working those areas.

Get familiar with limbic brain areas

Approach complex problems with confidence

Demonstrate efficacy using outcome measures

Attract more regular clients

Get involved in reflexology research

The restoration of homeostatic norms is the goal of any Reflexology approach and the limbic brain networks are at the centre of these homeostatic processes. Now we can connect with those altered brain networks that underpin many of those complex disabling conditions that our clients present, including emotional disturbance, traumatic memory, pain, and chronic pain.

Limbic Reflexology is based on sound medical science, and finds its rationale, and is informed by, up-to-date research in neuroscience with the efficacy of our treatments being evidenced by the use of widely accepted outcome measures. Both the neuroscience research and the outcome measures form an important part of the training.

Structure of Training

Limbic Reflexology Training follows a blended learning approach with a mix of online learning and face to face learning and consists of three modules completed in sequence: online foundation module, practical workshop, and two submitted case studies.

Limbic Online

Limbic Online

Foundation Module



Fine Tune Techniques

case studies

Case Studies

Transformation – knowing to doing

The online module covers all of the Limbic reflex areas and the appropriate working techniques in twenty two detailed video tutorials.

The two day workshop allows for fine tuning and assessment of your practice.

How to Enrol

You can enrol in the full course by booking any available workshop. When you book your workshop, you are automatically enrolled in the online foundation module.

If you currently cannot access any of the available workshops, you can enrol in the online foundation course separately. At a later date you can enrol in a venue workshop to suit your circumstances.

Available Venue Workshops

Jesmond Dene

Newcastle upon Tyne

9/10 April 2022
Newcastle upon Tyne

Novotel Nottingham


14/15 May 2022

Glasgow Premier


18/19 June 2022

Holiday inn york


23/24 July 2022

Kensington Hilton

Kensington, London

10/11 September 2022

If you currently cannot access an available venue workshop, you can enrol in the online foundation course separately. At a later date you can enrol in a workshop to suit your circumstances.

Limbic Online

Limbic Online

The foundation module of Limbic Reflexology Training.
Enrol at any time.

Get involved in Reflexology Research

Limbic Reflexology has embarked on a two year research programme into the effects of limbic Reflexology for those living with fibromyalgia, where students and graduates of Limbic Reflexology are invited to submit their data to the quantitative research.

More details on the Limbic Course page.

PTSD Module

It is recognised that the recent upheaval will have a significant impact on mental health. With mental health services already under great strain, as we move forward out of the pandemic and beyond, there will be a great demand for our skills from those seeking help with anxiety and post trauma stress. In anticipation of this, there is now an additional PTSD module included in the Limbic Reflexology online course.

Limbic Reflexology Student Textbook

The Student Textbook complements the training and is available from Amazon in English and Dutch.